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    Et At Home

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    PHONE HOME - E.T. Remixed

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    Et At Home And remember, the more lines you add, the more you'll save each month. Download as PDF Printable version. February 9, Full Review…. Kameron W Super Reviewer. Email address. Available in select areas in the U. Not Seeing Ready Player One? Adventure theme park attraction. American Film Institute. By creating an Ravensburger Memory Online Spielen, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. McBride, Gewinnchance Euromillions There were allegations that the film was plagiarized from a script, The Alienby Indian Bengali director Satyajit Ray.

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    Andere zugelassene Lizenzen wie jene aus Malta und Schleswig-Holstein sind jedoch nach wie vor gültig.

    It tells the story of Elliott, a boy who befriends an extraterrestrial , dubbed E. The concept was based on an imaginary friend Spielberg created after his parents' divorce.

    In , Spielberg met Mathison and developed a new story from the failed project Night Skies. Unlike most films, it was shot in rough chronological order, to facilitate convincing emotional performances from the young cast.

    The animatronics of E. Released on June 11, , by Universal Pictures , E. It was re-released in , and again in , to celebrate its 20th anniversary, with altered shots and additional scenes.

    In , the film was added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress , being designated as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.

    Alien botanists secretly visit Earth under cover of night to gather plant specimens in a California forest. When government agents appear on the scene, the aliens flee in their spaceship, but in their haste, one of them is left behind.

    In a suburban neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, a ten-year-old boy named Elliott is spending time with his brother, Michael, and his friends.

    As he returns from picking up a pizza, he discovers that something is hiding in their tool shed. The alien promptly flees upon being discovered.

    Despite his family's disbelief, Elliott leaves Reese's Pieces candy to lure the alien to his house. Before going to sleep, Elliott realizes the alien is imitating his movements.

    He feigns illness the next morning to stay home from school and play with him. It gradually becomes apparent that Elliot can "feel" the alien's thoughts and emotional perceptions, which is clearly shown when the alien accidentally opens an umbrella, startling him and simultaneously startling Elliot in a kitchen several rooms away.

    Later that day, Michael and their five-year-old sister, Gertie, meet the alien. They decide to keep him hidden from their mother, Mary. When they ask him about his origin, he levitates several balls to represent his planetary system and demonstrates his powers by reviving dead chrysanthemums.

    Picking up the English language, he demonstrates his signature power, revealed through his glowing fingertip by healing a minor flesh wound on Elliott's finger.

    At school the next day, Elliott begins to experience his empathic connection with the alien much more strongly, including exhibiting signs of intoxication because the alien is at his home, drinking beer and watching television , and he begins freeing all the frogs in his biology class.

    As the alien watches John Wayne kiss Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man on television, Elliott kisses a girl he likes in the same manner and is sent to the principal's office.

    The alien learns to speak English by repeating what Gertie says as she watches Sesame Street and, at Elliott's urging, dubs himself "E.

    Michael notices that E. At Halloween, Michael and Elliott dress E. That night, Elliott and E. The next day, Elliott wakes up in the field, only to find E.

    Elliott returns home to his worried family. Michael searches for and finds E. Michael takes E. Mary becomes horrified when she discovers her son's illness and the dying alien, just as a group of government agents dressed in astronaut suits led by "Keys" invades the house.

    Scientists set up a hospital at the house, asking Michael, Mary, and Gertie if they have met E. While the scientists are treating Elliott and E.

    Elliott is carried away, shouting that the doctors are killing E. When the scientists reluctantly pronounce E. As Elliott recovers, the scientists first bring him back to Mary, Michael and Gertie but then Keys leaves him alone with the motionless E.

    Elliott says a tearful goodbye, telling E. Elliott and Michael steal the van that E. Suddenly facing a police roadblock, E.

    Standing near the spaceship, E. Mary, Gertie, and Keys show up. Before boarding the spaceship, he embraces Elliott and tells him "I'll be right here", pointing his glowing finger to Elliott's forehead.

    He picks up the chrysanthemum and boards the spaceship. As the others watch it take off, the spaceship leaves a rainbow in the sky.

    After his parents' divorce in , Spielberg filled the void with an imaginary alien companion. He said that the imaginary alien was "a friend who could be the brother [he] never had and a father that [he] didn't feel [he] had anymore".

    The project was set aside because of delays on , but the concept of making a small autobiographical film about childhood would stay with him.

    Filming Raiders of the Lost Ark in Tunisia caused a sense of loneliness in Spielberg, far from his family and friends, and made memories of his childhood creation resurface.

    His abandonment on Earth in the script's final scene inspired the E. The chase sequence was also created, and he also suggested having the scene where E.

    In early summer , while Raiders of the Lost Ark was being promoted, Columbia Pictures met with Spielberg to discuss the script, after having to develop Night Skies with the director as the intended sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    However, the head of Columbia Pictures' marketing and research development, Marvin Atonowsky, concluded that it had a limited commercial potential, believing that it would appeal to mostly young kids.

    Veitch later recalled that "I think [in ] we made more on that picture than we did on any of our films. Carlo Rambaldi , who designed the aliens for Close Encounters of the Third Kind , was hired to design the animatronics of E.

    Rambaldi's own painting Women of Delta led him to give the creature a unique, extendable neck. She hired Institute staffers to create E.

    Two little people, Tamara De Treaux and Pat Bilon , [5] as well as year-old Matthew DeMeritt, who was born without legs, [12] took turns wearing the costume, depending on what scene was being filmed.

    DeMeritt actually walked on his hands and played all scenes where he walked awkwardly or fell over. The head was placed above that of the actors, and the actors could see through slits in its chest.

    The Hershey Company was asked if Reese's Pieces could be used, and it agreed. This product placement resulted in a large increase in Reese's Pieces sales.

    Having worked with Cary Guffey on Close Encounters of the Third Kind , Spielberg felt confident in working with a cast composed mostly of child actors.

    Spielberg felt Drew Barrymore had the right imagination for mischievous Gertie after she impressed him with a story that she led a punk rock band.

    The major voice work of E. She smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, which gave her voice a quality that sound effects creator Ben Burtt liked.

    These included Spielberg, actress Debra Winger , his sleeping wife, who had a cold, a burp from his USC film professor, raccoons, otters, and horses.

    Spielberg felt that actors in the roles, performing lines of technical medical dialogue, would come across as unnatural. It featured his character reprimanding Elliott for his behavior in biology class and warning of the dangers of underage drinking.

    He is then taken aback as Elliott's chair rises from the floor, while E. The actors had to read the script behind closed doors, and everyone on set had to wear an ID card.

    Spielberg shot the film in roughly chronological order to achieve convincingly emotional performances from his cast. It was also done to help the child actors with the workload.

    Spielberg calculated that the film would hit home harder if the children were really saying goodbye to E. In the scene in which Michael first encounters E.

    The chronological shoot gave the young actors an emotional experience as they bonded with E. For the first time in his career, he did not storyboard most of the film, in order to facilitate spontaneity in the performances.

    According to Spielberg, the scene in which E. The shoot was completed in 61 days, four ahead of schedule. Longtime Spielberg collaborator John Williams , who composed the film's musical score, described the challenge of creating one that would generate sympathy for such an odd-looking creature.

    As with their previous collaborations, Spielberg liked every theme Williams composed and had it included. Spielberg loved the music for the final chase so much that he edited the sequence to suit it.

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    Quarterly Statement Q3 Matt Neal. A family-friendly, heartwarming science-fiction adventure, full of iconic sequences. Mike Massie.

    Like the spirits in Poltergeist, suspended between one state of consciousness and another, Spielberg hovers somewhere between childhood and adulthood, unable and unwilling to go over the other side.

    But then, where would the movie industry be if he did? Molly Haskell. Spielberg's visual inventiveness in much of E.

    Paul Joannides. Some of the performances are part of the reason why it works so well I can't think of a child actor that that pulls off such emotional depth.

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